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mardi 26 septembre 2017

Oil & Gas

L’offre adressée aux acteurs de l’Oil & Gas permet la maîtrise de la configuration existante et l’anticipation des risques liés aux opérations sur site. Trois niveaux d’expertise sont proposés : inspection, contrôles dimensionnels (“DimCon”) et rétro-conception (“reverse engineering”).
La possibilité de déléguer l’acquisition des données au personnel présent sur site permet souplesse de mise en œuvre et économie des coûts de mobilisation. Cette flexibilité est possible par un contrôle rapide de la qualité des relevés. Le post-traitement automatisé fournit au Client un rapport de mesure dans un délai court.

oil & gas 

Industrial surveying consists of acquisition, processing and delivery of accurate information related to positioning and geometry of industrial structures or environment. The information is used for verification and control, as a basis for construction, installation and mating of equipment.

Fulfilling high-accuracy requirements, installation on site can be secured at lower cost & delays, and higher safety. This requires accurate drawings and procedures and a reliable QC documentation. As-built documentation can unveil critical defaults that have to be corrected before the construction can start.

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PHEEX solution is based on delegating data acquisition to the operator and speeding up the post-processing, in order to provide a measurement report corresponding to Client need of accuracy in a few days. PHEEX was developed to save time and money to its Client. PHEEX adresses the 3 following type of activities : Inspection, Dimensional Control and Reverse Engineering.

 Process Pheex in 5 steps



oil & gas

Recent low probability, but high consequence, accidents highlighted the inherent risks in developing and operating oil&gas installations. Regulatory agencies (BV, DNV-GL, DNV, ABS…) have a greater and greater focus on asset integrity management.

In this context, FIT-ESIC proposes to deliver recurrent and accurate inspection reports based on data captured by or for its Client while operating. Thanks to its reliable PHEEX solution, analysis can be performed from either pictures databases, or movies taken by inspection unmanned vehicles (such as ROV or UAV).

Dimensional Control (Onshore/Offshore & Subsea)

dimensional control

Dimensional control surveying gathers knowledge and know-how to accurately measure 3D structures or installation, and then determine distances and angles. Industrial metrology aims to assist in engineering, construction and installation.

FIT-ESIC can deploy not only laser scanners but also its brand new solution based on photogrammetry principles : PHEEX. This scope of services stands out from existing solutions thanks to delegating the pictures shooting to on-site operators, trained by our engineers. In addition to easing the data acquisition process, PHEEX ensures a less than half-day quality check to release the surveyed structure. The associated post-processing software speeds up the dimensional documentation delivery. Thanks to additional, but removable, tooling, PHEEX can a achieve high-accuracy and cost-effective measurements, up to less than 1mm and 0.05° angle.

Reverse Engineering

reverse engineering

From three dimensional surveying, FIT-ESIC is able to provide not only accurate measurements, but also 3D CAD models (or any clients preferred format) to prepare single pipe spool replacements up to full FPSO/Jacket modification. This shall help to minimize risks on-site by getting a “as existing" reference, far more reliable than a “as designed” design reference.

Our workforce is more than 20 years experienced in providing complex 3D analysis in extreme environments, such as: design review, clash analysis, revamping, installation modification preparation, operation scenarios analysis, maintenance activities… Qualification of existing drawing or 3D model is another scope of work that can be achieved by superposing “as existing” data capture and design reference.



Our offer Oil & Gas



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